Derakhshandeh: Iranian Cinema Should Be Recognized by Its Children, Youth’s Visual Arts

TEHRAN (FNA)- Acclaimed women filmmaker Pouran Derakhshandeh said the world of Iranian cinema should be recognized by its children and youth’s visual arts.

In a message to the 31st edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth which is currently underway in Isfahan, Pouran Derakhshandeh, who is also a film director, producer, screen writer, and researcher, said holding Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran concurrent with the event is a great plan to lure the talented students who need governmental support to flourish.

She said the Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran is being held concurrently with the festival for the second time which is a great initiatives to find talented students.

Derakhshandeh also stressed the significance of having a proper plan for holing the Olympiad properly.

She also expressed hope that the children and youth cinema could be taken seriously.

The acclaimed women filmmaker also highlighted the importance of establishing several cinema halls, especially for the children and youth, in different cities across the country.

Derakhshandeh was graduated in film directing in 1975 from Advanced School of Television and Cinema in Tehran.

She started her professional career by making documentary films for the Kermanshah Television and subsequently for the Tehran Television.

Her motion pictures include “Relationship” (1986), “A Little Bird of Happiness” (1987), “Passing Through the Dust” (1988), “Lost Time” (1989), “A Love Without Frontier” (1998), “Candle in the Wind” (2003), “Wet Dream” (2005), “Eternal Children” (2006), and “Hush! Girls Don’t Scream” (2013).

Presided by Alireza RezaDad, the festival inaugurated in Isfahan on August 30 and is slated to be wrapped up on September 5.

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