Iranian director holds educational workshop in US

Director of the film ‘Hush, Girls Don’t Scream’, Pouran Derakhshandeh organized specialized meetings and educational workshops in the US, IRNA cultural service reported on Wednesday.

Derakhshandeh, who is currently in Chicago at the invitation of the Northwestern University’s Middle East and North Africa Department, donated her cinematic works to the archives of the university in the US city.

The film ‘Hush, Girls Don’t Scream’ was screened in Northwestern University under a program themed ‘Review of Derakhshandeh’s Cinematic Works’ and was warmly welcomed by the instructors and students.

After the screening the film, Derakhshandeh answered questions by the audience posed by the students of various nationalities.

She said that the topic of the film does not pertain to Iran alone; rather it raises a global issue.

Commenting on the status of Iranian cinema, she added that Iran’s cinema speaks about mankind and its position simply and in an interesting manner.

Meanwhile, Derakhshandeh held several specialized meetings on her manner of directing in Chicago.

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