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       Insert Time : 2013/02/06
"Hush ..." Best at the Fajr Festival
Hush, Girls don't scream received a great attention from the audience.

According to the Public Relations of Filmic Fundation of Farabi, ?the latest work of Pouran Derakhshandeh recieved a great attention from the audience at the 31st International Film Festival.

The story of this film tells the story of abused children and ignorant family's who don't make enough time in their day to listen and solve their children's issue.

Thanks to this amusing film along with great actors, the movie has been playing in most theaters in the city as one of the most viewd film of the International Fajr Film Festival.
In this film Pouran Derakhshandeh has chosen some of the best in the business to play a part in this historical film such as Tannaz Tabatabai, Shahab Hosseini, Babak Hamidian and Maryla Zarei and so on ...

Hush, Girls don't scream is sponcered and made by the Film Foundation of Faaraabi and until now the film is at the top of the pole of the 31st International Fajr Film Festival.Due to overwhelming public interest and critical comments, hush girls do not cry will be one of the best selling at the time of release next year.



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