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       Insert Time : 2009/02/10
Press Conference of “Professionals” was held in the presence of Pouran Derakhshandeh (Director), Mahin Navidi (Make-up artist), Jila Mehrjouee (Dress and stage designer), Mahmoud Rezaee (Producer), Mohsen aslani (Actor) and Hannane Shahshahani (Actress).

According to Fajr Film Festival Public Relation Departments, Derakhshandeh said in the conference: “  In my Opinion, there is a motherly sense in the movie which makes me happy to look at the topic from this aspect.”

She added: “ the character  “Sarah” in the movie shows a teenager who seeks for a family in which all members are near each other. I mostly care about characters who are shocked emotionally and can not attract others’ attention. The only thing which remains in life is Love.”

The make-up artist of the movie, Mahin Navidi, also said: “ I had no experiences of telefilms. My only reason for accepting the work was my last cooperation with Ms.Derakhshandeh in “Little Luck Bird”. When she asked me for cooperation, my reason for cooperation was only her. According to artists’ make-up tests we done before the work, Ms.Derakhshandeh and I, together, decide to make artists up in such a way it disguise the identity of negative characters.”

Mehrjouee also added: “ It was a long time since I liked to wok with Ms.Derakhshandeh and I am really happy about using this chance. When I saw the movie I could not believe that such a high-quality work is a TV movie.”

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