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Latest Films
Under The Smoky Roof
Under The Smoky Roof (2017)
Hush!Girls Dont Scream(2013)
Eternal Children
Endless Dreams (2009)
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Eternal Children
Eternal Children(2007)
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Wet Dream
Wet Dream(2005)
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Candle In The Wind
Candle In The Wind(2003)
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A Love Without Frontier
A Love Without Frontier(1998)
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International participation :
60International participation with the approval of farabi cinema foundation.
She participates at some local and international Film festivals :
Select Jury member at 23rd Fajr Film Fest (2005).

Third Eye 4.Asian Film Festival, Mumbai (2005).

3rd Pune International film fest (2005).

19th Isfahan INTL children Film Fest (2004).

34th Roshd INTL, Film Fest (2004).

18th Isfahan children INTL Film Fest (2003).

Select Jury member at Varesh Film Fest (2003).

3rd Olympic sports and TV Film Fest (2003).

IRIB collage Film Fest.

Milad koosar documentary Film Fest.

12th Productions of provinces Film Fest (2003).

Oil Film Fest (2003).

Fourth Asian Film Fest in India (2001).

Cairo children Film Fest (2001).
CIFEJ at 16th Isfahan INTL children Film Fest (2001).
(oozra) Woman villager Film Fast.(2000)
Saabs Environment Film Fest (2000).
Pouran Derakhshandeh
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